Our journey through Lent begins today

I hope your Lenten journey is a good one, a time for quiet reflection and a time to feel some light, hope and blessings in your life during these difficult times for all of us.

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Thought on Wednesday – February – 02/03/2022

‘Ash Wednesday is a kind of a spiritual New Year, a time to make resolutions, to wipe the old slate clean and begin again. Still others seek a more intimate connection with God. Some could not tell you why they search out a church on Ash Wednesday, it just seems the place to be.’ ~Virginia Smith

Today Ash Wednesday is hugely popular but why ashes? It is not a good luck gesture or magical. But like many Christian symbols it’s intended to remind us of something. At one time, ashes were used to make soap. Ashes contain alkali, a soluble chemical that is a powerful cleaning agent. Symbolically and spiritually Lent can also be a time of cleaning and a washing away of negativity, hatred, selfishness, anger, hurts and other stuff that needs to be cleaned away. Ashes have also been traditionally used as a fertiliser. Farmers used to burn the stubble of last year’s crops and the ashes were then ploughed into the soil. New crops could then grow with vigour and energy.

Lent can also be a time to put some vigour and energy into our spiritual lives, to allow room for growth particularly light, hope, courage and many other blessings. Whether you get ashes or not today, what would you like cleaned or washed away in your life? What growth, new beginning would you like to see happen in your life? There is much to look forward to this Lent.