Yesterday in Ireland was a National Day of Remembrance for all those who have died from Covid

Yesterday was a day to remember with love in Ireland. An extra Bank Holiday was added as a thank you to all the front line workers who were wonderful for the past two years.

It has also been marked as a day of remembrance and a day of prayer for all those who died from Covid. It has been truly heartbreaking for so many families. The pain is still very raw and real. The hardest part was the lack of a proper grieving process with very limited numbers allowed to attend the funerals.

So today is simply a day to remember with love, a day to grieve, a day to mark it in our way and a day to pray for those gone from us and those left behind.

Latest Video for Day of Remembrance is (Just Copy and Paste)

Thought on Saturday – March – 19/03/2022

Remembering With Love

Loving God you are

our refuge in times of danger,

and to whom we turn in prayer and love.

We turn to you today in faith and in hope.

We pray for all those who have died from Covid.

May they be surrounded in your eternal light and love.

We ask you to comfort so many bereaved families.

We pray for healing, comfort and strength.

We also remember all those who in hospital and in our nursing homes.

We pray for all our healthcare workers and all our caring teams.

May you be blessed in all the wonderful work you do each day.

May you continue to have the courage to reach out in love.

Keep us all safe each day as we move forward in hope