The Climb With Charlie takes place tomorrow Saturday April 2nd

I have put together the following video to mark the ‘Climb With Charlie’ tomorrow
The link is (Just Copy and Paste)

Lots of money will be raised for two charities Irish Motor Neuron Disease Association and Pieta House

Thought on Friday – April – 01/04/2022

Thought For The Week

‘The first person who has to believe in you is you.’ ~Author Unknown

It is always important to believe in ourselves and in what we have to offer and give. Surprisingly many people are slow to believe in themselves. A child or adult whose gifts and talents are not nurtured will believe over time that they are simply no good.

That is why words of encouragement are crucial and vital whatever our age. I’m not sure if surveys have been done in this area. But in my own experience I think we fall well short in the whole area of encouraging, saying thanks and offering a word of praise. We are often told that God loves us no matter what. But unless we first believe in ourselves how can we believe that even God loves us?

Whatever your circumstances, whatever your current situation, you have got to believe in what you can do. None of us can change the world at large, but my little bit can make the world of a difference. Our prayer is very short and simple for today: Lord, help me to believe in myself.