The Climb With Charlie takes place today Saturday April 2nd

I have put together the following video to mark the ‘Climb With Charlie’ tomorrow The link is (Just Copy and Paste)

Lots of money will be raised for two charities Irish Motor Neuron Disease Association and Pieta House

More in Thought For Today below

Thought on Saturday – April – 02/04/2022

Today April 2nd is ‘Climb With Charlie Day’. Charlie Bird is a very well known broadcaster and has given his lifetime as a journalist, sharing so many breaking stories with us over the years. Very sadly Charlie has been diagnosed with Motor Neuron disease and his life has been changed radically and dramatically. In recent months Charlie has been determined to continue to do his best and to turn the massive challenges he is facing into something positive.

It was from this spirit of optimism that the ‘Climb With Charlie’ came to be. So many people across Ireland will be supporting Charlie by doing a hill or mountain climb today. It is raising money for two great charities The Irish Motor Neuron Disease Association and Pieta House. Even if you can’t climb a hill or mountain why not do a walk in your local park or wood? The website where all the information is

Spiritually mountains have always featured. They are symbolic of all that is difficult and challenging in our lives. Everybody has some challenge or difficulty in their lives. Charlie Bird is going to light a candle in the small chapel on top of Croagh Patrick. He has picked the words friendship and solidarity and the candle will rest on these words. How appropriate these words are. We all need the hand of friendship to get us through those difficult and challenging moments in our lives. We also need solidarity and to know we are not on our own. Whatever our challenge may be, there will always be people to walk with us and hold the light for us.

I wish Charlie and all who are supporting him the very best today. I also pray God’s blessings on anyone who is experiencing any mountain or difficult challenge in their lives right now. I pray especially for the blessing of healing.