Recent continuous rain has meant many of our rivers are flowing at high levels with flooding still ongoing in some parts. I took our photo yesterday afternoon as I was passing Cork Racecourse, at Mallow Co.Cork. The low sun cast lovely light over the floodwaters on the racecourse.

Over the next few days and into next week you will see new changes to the website. It will be ongoing for the next few days. The website was working on outdated software and it needed an upgrade and facelift to bring it up to the technology of 2022.

On This Day

On Nov 10th 1990 the film Home Alone had its world premiere. It became a huge hit and every Christmas since it always features on the TV playlist somewhere

On Nov 10th 2020 the Collins English Dictionary announced that the word of the year was  “Lockdown”

Birthdays Today

Jon Rahm (Golfer) is 28

Eddie Irvine (Former F1 Driver) is 57

Tracy Morgan (Comedian) is 54

Saint For Today

Saint Leo who is famous as a Pope for defending the Church on its teachings and invading armies who were trying to take over Rome

Significance of Today

Today Nov 10th is World Quality Day. It’s not just about promoting quality products but also about the importance of bringing quality to everything we do each day

Interesting Quote For Today

“What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.” ~Ralf Waldo Emerson

Did You Know

Did you know snakes can help predict earthquakes. They can sense them up to five days before they happen and from up to 75 miles away

Thought For The Week

When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.’ ~Author Unknown

C.S Lewis was a famous writer who wrote over thirty books in his lifetime. The most famous of his books is ‘The Chronicles of Naria’. His books have been translated into more than thirty languages and have sold millions of copies worldwide. His Christian faith really influenced his work and his writings. His wife’s name was Joy and she died from cancer at the very young age of forty five. It was a massive blow for C.S Lewis. In one of his books, ‘A Grief Observed’, he said: “The death of a beloved is an amputation.” You can feel the massive loss his wife Joy was to him. He had lost his soulmate.
Whether recently or going back the years we still miss our loved ones deeply. Yes we remember them at different times of the year and if we are honest they are always in our thoughts. But at the start of November we create our own sacred spaces and we remember in love our loved ones who have died.
Many people will visit a cemetery during this month of November. It is not an empty or meaningless task. It’s always good to remember those who have died. Our belief is that death is not an end but a beginning for the soul or spirit of the person who has died. Our belief is that our loved ones who have died are still near us but not physically with us. They now live in eternal light and love.
Trying to put this into words is never easy and all we can humbly do is to try. It is also a time of year to be kind and gentle to yourself too. Like C.S Lewis felt in losing his wife Joy, the loss of a loved one is hugely significant. It is lots of small steps as we try and adjust our lives around our loss. This can take a long time. It is so important that we are kind and gentle to ourselves and to other members of our family who are grieving. November may be a dreary month but it can also be a gentle month of healing especially as we remember those who have died.
The old Irish prayer seems most appropriate at this time: “Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, May perpetual light shine upon them and may they rest in peace.” Amen

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