Photo was taken yesterday afternoon at Altamount, Millstreet, Co.Cork (Irl)

The grass has been growing steadily over the past few weeks with very mild temperatures. It is most unusual to be cutting a lawn on November 14th. It is another visible sign that climate change is very much with us.

At this stage you will have noticed new changes to the website. There has been such positive feedback. Regular viewers have seen some big changes and new viewers are also pleased with the new layout.  The website was working on outdated software and it needed an upgrade and facelift to bring it up to the technology of 2022/23.

On This Day

On November 15th 2001 Microsoft released Xbox, as a video game console system

On November 15th 2020 Lewis Hamilton clinches his record 7th F1 World Drivers Championship by winning the Turkish Grand Prix

Birthdays Today

Petula Clark (Former 60’s Pop Singer) is 90

Saint For Today

Saint for November 15th is Saint Albert. He was a Dominican priest and taught theology at Cologne, Germany, and Paris in France.

Significance of Today

Today tributes continue to pour in for the late Vicki Phelan. What an inspirational woman. May she rest in peace

Interesting Quote For Today

“I have overcome all of these challenges that life has thrown at me. It has not been easy but then life is not easy. Indeed, life is difficult as Scott Peck wrote in his wonderful book The Road Less Travelled.” ~Vicki Phelan

Did You Know

Did you know Mount Everest is now higher than when it was last measured. Experts have now stated thatMount Everest stands at a massive 29,031 feet due to a shift in plate tectonics.

Thought For The Week

‘Don’t we have divinity at our fingertips each day? We need but reach out in friendship to another human being to touch the face of God. For if not there, where else?’ ~Tom Cahill

Trying to explain what divine means is a tough task. Look at how the dictionary struggles to describe ‘Divine’: “the state of things that come from a supernatural power or deity, such as a God or spirit beings and are therefore regarded as sacred and holy.” But such a wide definition of what divine could mean falls well short for us. For most of us the language used in explaining things about God is often in a language we don’t understand. We want to understand it but it is beyond us.

We need more simple language to try and explain God. A good starting place to define God in the following way: “The divine is at our fingertips each day. When we reach out in friendship and love to someone else, we touch the face of God”. This can only mean that God is so near to us, closer than we can possibly imagine. So where there is love we also find God. This God is not distant, not judgmental and we are never given out to. We are wrapped in divine love and nothing can change this.

This month of November is a good month to be wrapped in love, in kindness and in gentleness. It can be a long month especially as it gets dark so early now. It is sometimes hard to be enthusiastic during November. We need to be gentle and kind to ourselves. We also need to be gentle and kind to each other. We reach out in friendship to each other. We believe wholeheartedly that when we do this, we are indeed close to God. It is what real love is all about.

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