Our photo today is from Pixabay of the Golden Eagle. It’s look is direct and intent. It is said that an eagle’s vision is exceptionally sharp because each eye has two foveae (areas of acute vision) as compared with the human eye which only has one. The cones in the eagle’s fovea are very small and tightly grouped, allowing the eagle to see small details from extreme distances.

On This Day 

On March 9th 1959 Barbie makes her debut at an American Toy Fair in New York. Over a billion have been sold worldwide since.

On March 9th 2020 Italy announced that it was locking down the whole country due to a spike in COVID-19 cases with 10,040 cases and 630 deaths. Within a week countries all over the world soon followed with similar lockdowns

Birthday’s Today🎂

Stacey Dooley (Journalist and winner of BBC Stricty Come Dancing) is 36

Saint For Today

The Saint for Today is St. Frances of Rome

Significance Of Today

Today is called Get Over It Day. It is a day to recognise that there are some things we hold onto in life for far too long, particularly negative stuff. Of course there are some things in life that take far more than a day to get over, but the idea is good particularly on our journey through Lent

Interesting Quote for Today
Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” ~Albert Einstein
Did You Know😇
Did you know that sometimes, golden eagles will bring herbs into their nest. It is believed this may keep bugs away.

My Latest Video 🎥

My latest video is called ‘The Spirituality of Lent and the 3 Legged Stool’

Thought For The Week

Jesus took with him Peter and James and his brother John and led them up a high mountain where they could be alone. There in their presence he was transfigured.” ~Matthew 17:1

 A feature of any mountain road is that it usually winds its way up. It never goes from the bottom to the top in a straight line. This makes sense too as it is so much easier to climb the mountain if the path meanders gradually, rather than go straight up. It is a reflection on the journey of Lent too. It has to be done slowly and gradually. 

The views from any part of a mountain allow us to see things from a different perspective. What we see up higher is very different to what we see below in the valley. It is sometimes good to get perspective in life. It is sometimes good to step back and away from the busyness of life, to recharge and find balance again. 

The Gospel story of the Transfiguration makes it clear that it was a special moment for Jesus and his disciples. It was one they would never forget. When difficult, challenging and upsetting days would come, the Transfiguration would give them hope and courage. 

I know the word Transfiguration is a word that is rarely used today. It translates as a change in appearance or a spiritual change. The words spiritual change might help us to understand it better. Lent is a time of change, a time of spiritual change. It is a time to step out and away from those parts of our lives that are no longer life giving. It is a time to step away from negativity and those parts of our lives that no longer energise us.

We all know that even with beautiful views up on a mountain, we must come back down. But one thing is certain: we come back down changed and changed for the better. We come back to where our story continues to unfold. Lent encourages us to allow our story to unfold in new ways, in good ways, in positive ways and in ways that are life giving and good for you. But like any Lenten journey or with any mountain climb, take your time and you will get there.

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