There is no place like home especially for the swallows. They have been arriving over the past few weeks and it is such a lovely sight to see them flying around again. They have completed a journey of thousands of kilometres to get here all the way from the southern regions of Africa. They always return to the place where they were born. How such a small bird can mange to do this is quite incredible and has even amazed scientists. (Photo from Pixabay)

On This Day 

On April 27th 2014  Pope John Paul II was canonized a saint

On April 27th 2014 Ariana Grande’s first single from her album, “Problem” featuring Iggy Azalea, was released

Significance of Today April 27th is World Stationery Day
We are encouraged today to forget text messages and emails and return to the days of hand written, simple and thoughtful letters. Get out a sheet of paper and start writing!!!

Birthday’s Today🎂

Sheena Easton (Singer) is 64

Rev Robin Eames (Former Anglican Primate of All Ireland) is 87

Significance Of Today

Today is World Stationery Day. We are encouraged today to forget text messages and emails and try to write a simple and thoughtful letter to someone. There is no measuring the comparison in getting a text or receiving a handwritten letter. A letter is infinitely better and there is always an appreciation of the time and effort that went into writing it.

Interesting Quote for Today

To coincide with the date of Pope John Paul 2nd canonization he said: “I plead with you, never, ever give up on hope, never doubt, never tire, and never become discouraged. Be not afraid.” ~ Pope John Paul II.

Saint For Today

Saint Zita and she is the patroness of domestic workers

Did You Know😇

A person will sleep an average of 25 years in their lifetime. The average time a person sleeps at night is around 8 hours

Video For This Week 🎥

Thought For The Week

‘Every day cannot be a feast of lanterns.’ ~Chinese Proverb

It has been said that our older generation deal with challenges and difficulties better than most. They have an inner resilience, a protective shield, an inner belief and a deep faith that they will come through the challenge or crisis. It is said they have something they can fall back to when the going gets tough and difficult.

Our modern world has brought many exciting developments and opportunities. There are endless things to do and endless opportunities to be seized. Life is at a fast pace but with little time to stop and reflect. Life will not always be a feast of lanterns and when life does get difficult it seems we have little to hold or sustain us. The safety net is no longer there.

There is a lovely line in Psalm 89: “In the morning fill us with your love, Give us joy to balance our affliction.” The psalms are always open and honest. There is never any hiding of emotions or difficulties. The writer uses the word affliction which means pain and suffering. Clearly life was difficult and challenging. Yet the writer of the psalm prays for balance knowing that joy, happiness and some good days would return too.

We know every day cannot be a feast of lanterns and we long for balance in our lives. We do our best to find that balance in life. We pray that we will find a healthy balance in our lives. Sometimes we must make some change for balance to happen.

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