I took this photo last weekend at the back of Beaufort Church, Co.Kerry, with a most beautiful natural wild meadow of white bluebells

On This Day 

On May 8th 1945 World War II ends in Europe after Germany signs an unconditional surrender

On May 8th 1980 the World Health Organization announces smallpox has been eradicated

On May 8th 1984 The Soviet Union announces it will not participate in Los Angeles Summer Olympics in retaliation for the American boycott of the 1980 Moscow Olympics

On May 8th 2007 A new Northern Ireland Executive is formed with Ian Paisley (Democratic Unionist Party) as First Minister and Martin McGuinness (Sinn Fein) as Deputy First Minister

Birthday’s Today🎂

David Attenborough (World famous for his TV wildlife and nature documentaires) is 97

Enrique Iglesias (Singer) is 48

Roddy Doyle (Novelist) is 65

Significance Of Today

Today is World Donkey Day. It is a show of respect for one of the most enduring and respectable animals in the Equidae family. Throughout history, it has served throughout the world helping people in challenging terrains and forbidding climates, and has done so with pride and endurance.

Today is also World Ovarian Cancer Day. It is a day to spread awareness about ovarian cancer to help others recognise the dangers and signs early, and increase survival and recovery odds for many women.

Interesting Quote for Today

‘When nothing is sure, everything is possible.’ ~Margaret Drabble

Saint For Today

Saint Victor of Milan

Did You Know😇

Did you know that the jaws of a cat cannot be moved sideways. They are mainly built for killing prey and can open very wide to ensure their kill

Thought For The Week

‘It doesn’t matter how you pray – with your head bowed in silence, or crying out in grief, or dancing. Churches are good for prayer, but so are garages and cars and mountains and showers and dance floors. Years ago I wrote an essay that began: Some people think that God is in the details, but I have come to believe that God is in the bathroom.’ ~Anne Lamott

There is a growing awareness today how beneficial prayer can be in our spiritual lives. We sometimes think that prayer is long, complex and boring. We certainly feel it’s beyond our reach. But in many ways it is within our reach and especially when we apply prayer to those everyday events that happen in our daily lives. We can find God present in what we do right now, be it out for a walk, reading a book, working in the garden, getting in some exercise or watching the beauty of nature. The list can never be exhausted. God is indeed present everywhere. As we grow in our awareness of this, prayer actually becomes more natural and hopefully more meaningful.

Mindfulness is a word we hear a lot about today. It puts the focus on the present moment. It is becoming aware of what we are doing while we are doing it. It puts emphasis on appreciating the gift of the present moment. When we are mindful, finding God in the present moment becomes so much easier.

The spiritual writer Aileen O’Donoghue wrote the following and it gives us food for thought: In my spiritual life, I try to seek simplicity. When I recognise that I’ve lost simplicity in prayer, I turn to a meditation that many spiritual teachers recommend. In rhythm with my breathing, I start with, “Be still and know that I am God”. Then I drop words off at the end to “Be still and know that I am.” I slowly let go more to “Be still and know” and finally the words I whisper are “Be still”. One can then add the last words back on again until you arrive at where you started, “Be still and know that I am God”. One can do it once, twice or a few times. If you get stuck in prayer why not give it a try.

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