I took this photo at the recent ploughing championships in Co.Laois All I can say is that this bull was full of character with a simple message ‘Don’t mess with me!’

On This Day 

On September 27th 1908  Henry Ford’s first Ford Model T car was made in Detroit, Michigan

On September 27th 2015 A “Supermoon” coincided with a lunar eclipse creating a “Blood Moon” over much of the earth

On September 27th 2019 Greta Thunberg led international climate change protests of young people with millions taking part in the demonstrations.

Birthdays Today

Avril Lavigne (Pop Singer) is 39

Gwyneth Paltrow (Movie Actress) is 51

Saint For Today

Today is the feast day of Saint Vincent de Paul, famous for his work with the poor and the marginalised.

Significance Of Today

Today is World Tourism Day. It is your opportunity to broad your own world a little, find a location you’ve always wanted to make time to visit, and finally, get around to making time to do it. Most importantly with the impact of climate change it is important to find tourist locations closer to home. It is easy to find the world at your doorstep when you look.

As we come to the end of September just to say it has been dedicated as Friendship Month. It is all about highlighting the importance of what friends mean and celebrating what friendship brings to all of our lives every day. There is still plenty of time left this month to make contact with a friend that we may not have contacted in a while.

Interesting Quote for Today

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” ~Martin Luther King Jr.

Did You Know😇

Did you know that the size of your liver changes significantly throughout the day. Research has found a person’s liver swells about 20 percent between day and night—presumably related to the fact that the liver is not working as hard when a person is sleeping.

Video For The Week🎥

Thought For The Week

“The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how you use them.” ~Anonymous

I went to the ploughing last week in Co. Laois. It was a great day out but I have never seen so much mud and it was everywhere! Despite the presence of a metal floor track to walk through the main sections, one would have been completely lost without a pair of wellies. It was just essential wear and once you had a pair you could simply walk through every pool of mud knowing you were dry. It reminds me of the gift of faith and the importance of believing in something. Like a pair of wellies it especially helps you when conditions are difficult. Our faith also helps us through good days but especially when life is difficult and challenging.

Last Monday  (September 25th) was the feast of St. Finbarr. He is the patron saint of Cork and has very close ties with Gougane Barra in West Cork. This year marks the 1,400th anniversary of the death of St. Finbarr making today a significant day. The world that Finbarr lived in was radically different to the one we live in now. The world back then was much less complicated, life was lived simply with fewer distractions. But they too had their challenges and difficulties. Finbarr believed strongly that God was the one who gave us hope and strength to get us through everything.

This was the message that he brought from Gougane Barra to the people of Cork and beyond. His message is still so relevant today. It is also lovely that the feast of Saint Finbarr occurs during the Season of Creation which always happens during September. The Season of Creation encourages us to get out and about to appreciate the beauty of creation and to sense God’s presence in the beauty of nature. We can of course do it anywhere but a beautiful place to do it is of course Gougane Barra.

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