The light breaks through the clouds beautifully in this photo. The photo also reminds me of the times in our life when the clouds gather. But no matter how dark or difficult things may get, there is always light and hope. Sometimes we struggle to see the beams of light but they are there and often it is one beam of light, hope and love that makes all the difference.


Video🎥:  The Junior and Leaving Cert exams began last Wednesday. The following is a short video prayer called: ‘A Prayer For All Those Starting Their Exams’

Thought For The Day

The Junior and Leaving Cert Exams begin last Wednesday and so the following prayer is appropriate

Exam Prayer for Students

Lord pour out your Spirit of Wisdom on me

Help me to remain calm

To attend carefully to the questions asked

To think clearly, to remember accurately

and to express myself well.

Grant that I may reflect the best of the work I have done,

and the best of the teaching I have received.

Help me not to become unduly stressed.

Lord I place all my trust in you. Amen

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