Photo was taken yesterday in Fitzgerald’s Park, Cork (Irl)

David O’Connor enjoyed a fun moment yesterday by doing a head dip followed by a quick flick to create the effect of a water circle. Yesterday was a beautiful warm sunny day with so many out for walks and enjoying a great start to spring.

Thought on Friday – March – 02/03/2012

‘Spring shows what God can do with a drab and dirty world.’ ~Virgil A.Kraf

As we begin this month of March it is good to look forward and know that winter has finally left its firm grip behind. The name March comes from ancient Rome when March was the first month of the year and was named Martius. With Rome in the Mediterranean, the climate was always warm during March and marked the arrival of spring. Some cultures and religions still celebrate the beginning of the New Year in March. In Finland, this month is called Maaliskuu meaning earthly month, because the earth finally becomes visible under the snow. March starts on the same day of the week as November each year. It ends on the same day of the week as June every year. It always has had 31 days and its name honours Mars, the Roman God of war. In Ireland and across the world, the countdown to St Patrick’s Day on the 17th is always an important part of the month. Then there is the old saying: “March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.” There are other bits and pieces about this month that could be added but the common word throughout is spring. It is no coincidence that the word Lent means springtime and always falls during this month. We pray that we will find and experience a sense of spring, not just in the beauty of nature but most importantly within as well. May the coming days and weeks be a time of surprise, growth and new beginnings.